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Who picks these items?

Anybody can pick an item! Other users may repick items by giving them a like. Once an item has enough picks it will appear on the front page.

How do I pick a new item?

When you are logged in, just click the button at the top of the page.
Copy & paste the web address of the item you wish to add. To make it even easier you can use the Pick button.

What kind of items can I pick?

You can pick any item that you like from any online store.
We reserve the right to remove any item that doesn't fit our community standards
and remind you that other users may flag your item if they believe it does not belong.

What are #tags?

When you add a new pick you can enter different #tags.
These help categorize the pick and allow other users to find it more easily. Please help us keep Pickerin organized by entering relevant tags! ie. #dress

Why follow other people?

If you like someone's style, follow them to show your appreciation.
You will be able to quickly access their profile and see their picks in your personal feed.

Why save different stores and brands?

Save your favourite brands to quickly access them and see their latest updates.

I still need answers!

Please send us an email to support@pickerin.com and we will gladly get back to you.